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** This guide refers to a prevous version of the WMS map.
Update for the current version to follow.**

My Moon Zoo lets you see the LROC Image Product ID strip and go searching on the Moon:

Click on a Recent or Favourite image from My Moon Zoo and then click "View More Information."
You will see a thin photographic strip to the right of your image. This is the LROC strip you need to search. Note the orange box marking the location on the strip of your image. You then have several options:

1. View in LROC WMS →
  • This takes you to the LROC WMS Image Map. Your Moon Zoo image will be in the centre of the WMS Image Map Moon. 
    Click on "Toggle Layers" and tick LROC NACs "Commissioning" and/or "Primary Mission" options. This gets you the footprints of the highest resolution photographic strips. The "Overlays" Crater Names option can be useful too. You can also play with the other options but these will get you what you want!
  • Use the zoom tool to zoom right in. When you have identified the relevant strip click "Get Footprint Info" from the Map Options on the right and click anywhere within the outline of the strip you want. At least one pair of strips will be retrieved (left and right neighbouring pairs).
  • This is a useful option if you want to search similar strips. Often the same strip appears more than once under different lighting conditions. Note also that the WMS strip might be rotated or flipped compared with the My Moon Zoo version. Check with the strip on the "View More Information" page to help you identify the correct one.
  • Click on one of the Product IDs and you're off!
  • Check the orange box on the “View More Information” page strip so you know where to look.

View NAC Image →
  • The easiest way to get to the strip in question.
  • The strip you link to may be rotated or flipped. Check the orange box on the “More Information” page so you know where to look.

View on Google Moon →
  • Takes you to Google Moon for a really nice wide angled view.
  • If someone posts an LROC Product ID on the forum (or you find one from a forum image) you can go straight to Image Search (top right of the WMS screen). Copy the ref (eg M123456789R) and paste it into the Product ID box and click "Search."
  • If someone posts the AMZ ref (eg AMZ10031hh) just find any image via My Moon Zoo and replace the AMZ reference with the one you want to look at. This will take you to that AMZ's own info page.
  • The WMS Image Browser zoom function can be temperamental and freeze. Geoff suggests an alternative:
    Download the image file and examine it using an image program. (eg Adobe Acrobat or Apple's Preview.)
    If you right-click on the "Download CDR PTIF" link and select "Download linked file" you'll get the full image strip.
  • Hover your mouse left, right, top and bottom of the image on the "View More Information" page and you will see navigation arrows which take you to the next frame so you can search around your image from My Moon Zoo if you prefer.
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