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Thanks! Now I know what I'm looking for  :)


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Anthony Cook's PDF suggests we work together to systematically hunt for changes on the Moon. The Mods have set up threads for each of Anthony's examples here. If you find something that doesn't fit one of these threads please post it in the Interesting Terrain thread for everyone to see and comment on.

We have decided to go for a "Regional" search and the Mods will post LROC Product IDs (strip references) in likely areas (either suggested by Anthony or in known TLP sites.) You are, of course, free to conduct your own search using any of the resources listed in the PDF and report your finds. And if you come across an example in a Moon Zoo image please post it in the appropriate thread. The search we are organising is a way for those forum members who want to take part to work together. You can work on as many of the examples as you like. As the LROC images are very large we need several people to look at each image to make sure nothing is missed. We would like you to report anything interesting you find in the appropriate thread and also to report when you haven't found anything in a particular strip. We'll make a note of this so we can build up a picture of which LROC IDs are the most productive so that people know which ones to concentrate on.

You will be using the WMS Browser. If there is no direct link to the LROC strip then follow these instructions:
  • Go straight to Image Search (top right) and paste the ID (eg M123456789R) into the Product ID box.
  • Click Search. This might retrieve several strips. Often the same strip appears twice under different lighting conditions. Sometimes strips appear as neighbouring pairs. Note also that the WMS strip might be rotated or flipped.
  • Click on one of the Product IDs and you're off!

Note: The WMS Image Browser zoom function can be temperamental and freeze.
Geoff suggests an alternative:

Download the image file and examine it using an image program (Adobe Acrobat or Apple's Preview.)
If you right-click on the "Download CDR PTIF" link and select "Download linked file" you'll get the full image strip.

Posting pictures of things you find

At the moment there is no easy answer to this.
Please read this thread - especially the bit about "Screen Grabs." Posting a screen grab (or via the Windows snipping tool) as an attachment might be the easiest method for now and don't forget to post the LROC Product ID too.

Posting the coordinates with a picture would also be very useful but this is not possible. The WMS Image Search screen shows lots of information down the left hand side including latitude and longitude for the strip corners and centre. You can use the latitude / longitude of the upper and lower corners to work out the approximate coordinates of your object. Alternatively you could select your picture area to include the location marker (blue rectangle) on the small strip image.

Let the hunt begin - let's be the first to discover something new on the Moon!
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