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Re: TLP Project - Lava Tube Sky Lights
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Background: See this thread for background on this project: Moon Zoo Challenge

Location: Site 1: Marius Hills (56.8W, ~14N).
Site 2: Mare Ingenii (166.06E, 35.95S).

Images: Site 1: NAC M114328462RE. Site 2: NAC M128202846LE.

Discovery: Site 1: JAXA Kaguyateam. Site 2: (LRO team?)

Description: Appears as a small crater, but could be irregular and non-circular. Unlike a crater though it is very deep and will be nearly completely shadow filled, even when there is little shadow elsewhere in nearby craters. On the interior edges there maybe signs of rock debris?

Interest: A lava tube is present somewhere beneath the surface and something has made part of the ceiling collapse. The lava tube may have contained an accumulation of volcanic gas seepage. Or it could be a conduit through which deep seated gas pockets could be released periodically during moonquakes. This could in theory kick up some dust or lead to gas ionisation in sunlight. So far, only two skylights are known on the lunar surface. A good excuse to monitor such areas from orbit and from Earth for TLPs.

Marius Hills Lava Tube[/color] led lighting –65 metres wide
~ Mare Ingenii Tube Sky Light –130 metres wide

Further information and examples here and check out the earlier JAXA Kaguya observations.

Please post any lava tube skylights you find in this thread. Don't forget a picture, the strip reference (LROC / NAC reference) and the approximate latitude and longitude.
Good luck! :)

Tom128 put together some more information about lava tube skylights on Earth here.[/color][/u]

hello friend can you share some more pics of the dark moon.. I am trying to gather some real stuff for my project so please help if you can..
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Re: TLP Project - Lava Tube Sky Lights
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Hi ByronLyons and welcome to Moon Zoo.

You'll have to explain exactly what you want - what do you mean by "dark moon"?