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Re: JFincannon's Collapsed Voids
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To quote the article "NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) has imaged approximately a dozen pits that might have caves at their bottoms.  In fact, LROC data alone have been so copious that scientists haven't been able to review it all.  The missions' science team set up a website ( so that anyone can study the high-resolution pictures.  NASA engineer James Fincannon and I have done this, focusing our search for caves on the northern half of Copernicus Crater.  On one weekend alone, I located six pits and fissures that have not yet been documented in the scientific literature ("

Note that I provided him links to the high resolution LROC images showing cave H4 and precise pixel positions and image orientations.  In his article, the image caption of the LROC image of H4 states: "A zoom-in view reveals what appears to be a 200-foot-long natural ramp leading directly into a small pit that might be a cave entrance.  It might be relatively easy for future robotic or human explorers to enter this cave. The arrow in the top photo marks the pit's location on Copernicus. NASA/GSFC/LROC Science Operations Center of Arizona State Univ."  But note, not me who discovered it, which is odd because he gives me alot of credit on his blog site. 

The above mention is better than what Dr. Mark Robinson gave me for the flags (who gave me a "link" to my NASA HQ website that prominently displayed my analyses, but no mention of my name at all in his blog posting), but it didn't imply much about what I did, unfortunately. 

I suppose if I wrote the article it would be a little different. ;)